Award winning Film Editor, passionate about story telling.

Because editing requires a magic touch

I studied a Degree in Comunication Studies, and a Master in Film Editing.
I've always been amused by the idea of impacting someone else through a well narrated story. 
And this is where my carrer as
Film Editor and Editor Producer began.

For years, I worked as a Script Analyst for TV series, where I've learned a lot about narrative, tempo, characters, setting the scene, and audience.

I think it's form here that I grew my 
story telling intuition.

Distance has never been an issue.
Tobias and El Gran Salto are two feature documentaries I've edited, that were internationaly awarded.

I am well experienced in editing remotely at high quiality standards .

* Actual timeline of the documentary "El Gran Salto" (The Jump)  2019.



Aldo Osorio
Film Editor


EL GRAN SLATO  "The Jump"  (2019)

Role:  Editor Producer
Country:  Mexico
Lenght:  89 min

Logline:  The story of Luis Rivera, the most important long jumper in Mexico seeking to qualify to Rio's Olympic Games, while he inspire a whole new generation of young athletes.

FLOR DE LA CALLE  "Street Flower"  (2017)

Role:  Editor
Country:  Mexico
Lenght:  8 min

Logline:  Meet Pancho! He is an hilarious and intelligent man with a funny way of connecting dots in his mind. An artis with a strong personality and a unique way of living. A dark sense of humor, and an approach to life, politics and arts nothing close to what you've seen before... and all of it makes Pancho an excellent candidate to meet.

TOBIAS  (2015)

Role:  Editor Producer, Co-writer.
Country:  Mexico / Spain
Lenght:  42 min

Logline:  A barefoot 9-year-old child from the mountains, dreams on becoming a profesional basketball player. He travels with the Triqui team discovering a world far from his own roots. 

LA RICARDA, CASA DE VIDRE  "House of glass" (2013)

Role:  Co-editor and Sound Mixer
Country:  Spain
Lenght:  63 min

Logline:  The story of a house considered an architectonic jewel in catalan rationalism. It was designed by Architect Antonio Bonet Castellana in conjuction with the ideas of Antionio Gomis, both interested in vanguard arts. Full of originality,  functionality and pioneering ideas to merge structure and nature, this house also joined two families for decades.  

Drama and Comedy


Role:  Sound Designer
Country:  Spain
Lenght:  11 min

Logline:  Jon is a 5-year-old child eagerly awaiting the arrival of Iker, his unborn brother. But Jon's parents come back form the hospital to announce they have "lost" his sibling. Jon naively starts a quest to "find" his brother.  This story turns an immense pain into a magic moment told through a boy's point of view, resulting into a very touching story.

EL GORDO  "The Fat"  (2013)

Role:  Co-editor, Sound Designer
Country:  Spain
Lenght:  10 min

Logline:  A 32 year-old single man, unemployed and still living at her mom's, had lost all hope. But luck will strike in the most unpredictable way. A girl bieng mysteriously chased by a dangerous man, will need The Fat as her only hope to scape. 

EL FUEGO  "The Fire"  (2013)

Role:  Sound Designer
Country:  Spain
Lenght:  15 min

Logline:  Dreaming of the world and the future, Simón decides to run away from Barcelona. Outside, in the night, the fire burns.

Sutilde Cine is a fast-growing Film and Communication Project based in Mexico for who I am the designated Editor and Creative

We are a small group of 4 creative and inspired members, constantly developing new ideas. In less than 4 years, he have produced a long lenght internationally awarded documentary, a popular podcast, a film review facebook video, and 5 more film projects ready to start. 

YR OCHR ARALL?  "The Other Side?"  (2017-)

Role:  Editor Producer, Sound recordist.
Country:  United Kindom
Lenght:  30-50 min episodes

Logline:  An ongoing paranormal online series, where a Historian and a Medium travel around different locations in Anglesey, discovering spooky stories. An old jail, a popular hotel, a local pub and an ancient quarry will unvail the presence of people who lived and died there.



These are some examples of motion graphics created on After Effects, following the art concept of each project.


I am settled in North Wales, UK

If I am not close to you, don't worry! 
I'm well experienced on  working remotely, and I have the tools to do it fast and effectively.

Tell me about your idea, your project or any enquiery you have.
I will be happy to help.